Pregame Operations

Required for all events. Please print it out from the web site and arrive with it filled out.
Minors are required to have a parent/guardian signature.

Player punch Card-
When you go to registration and turn your waiver you will receive you punch card this serves as your event ticket and raffle number. You will receive a punch as you complete the check in stations (waiver, eye protection, crony, etc). Once you have all the holes punched go back to registration for your event patch and other swag.

Age- (RE: non airsoft fields and or Paintball fields)
Most of our venues have a minimum age of 13. 13-15 years must have a waiver signed and legal guardian present on or off the field in a camping area. Ages 16-18 must have a waiver sign by legal guardian.

Ages and Face Protection-
(Per Op) 13-16 must have a lower mask or mesh 16+ no requirement.

Show up at the chrono station with an empty magazine for your gun(s) and your goggles on. AEG guns will chronograph using .20g BBs. Hop-up to be turned off. Sniper and HPA systems will Chrono with .30g bbs. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.

No firearms on site
Alcohol and Drug Use is prohibited before and during all Tank’s Airsoft events.

Staging Area-
While in the staging area weapons MUST have the magazine removed AND the chamber cleared until “Goggles on.”

All airsoft guns coming off and on any field must be in a gun bag and/or box.


Republic camouflage examples-

TAN UNIFORMS: 3 color DCU, Solid Tan Khaki, DESPAT (Digital Desert,) Arid Multicam, Original Multicam, ATAC’s AU.

Separatist camouflage examples-
GREEN UNIFORMS: Woodland M81 (US and other similar patterns,) Solid OD top and Bottom, Marpat (Digital Woodland,) British DPM, Russian Green patterns, A-TACs FG, Multicam Tropic.

All headgear must match faction color
No black headwear
No civilian baseball caps

**If your team has a specific pattern (that is not listed)and you would like to use it, you must be in a full squad of 9 or more. Also you must get approval from TANK’S STAFF prior to the week of the event via Email.**

The Civilian Militia Division, or CMD, is a large coalition of people from around the world that separate themselves from both the Separatist and Republic forces. Whether it be for different ideals, a sense of freedom, or religious beliefs, the CMD keeps to an independent state. While they have multiple divisions on every continent they do not rely on one other for support. Instead, they trade favors and services with nearby forces for food, water, and other resources. The CMD is very accepting of any into their midst, as long as they never had too strong of an affiliation with either the Separatists or Republic.

All uniforms in this category must not resemble or hint that you could be tan or green teams and or red for admin. The following is CMD approved uniforms tops-Button up shirts in solid, stripe, hawaiian and or plaid patterns. Solid t shirt colors, Bright colored camo patterns such as: urban gray, blue. Please keep in mind if you get hot and have to change to a lighter undershirt and or shorts. they must represent the CMD patterns

The following are pants, jeans, cargo pants in a solid color (black approved), Middle Eastern Garb and headdress.

NO! Multicam or woodland pants
No Camo Tops
No Bump Fast helmets
No Camo hats thats are green or tan
Civilian baseball caps approved (non CMDD)
Post Apocalyptic look approved( when approved by admin per game)

What does a CMD member do?
– Role Play
– Can be a merchant
– Local Police
– Takes trade: money, food, ammo anything you desire
– Control the flow goods in your local area
– Manage a town

CMD players carry 2 Tourniquets. CMD Respawn at FOB and or specific starting point

Each Clan and or tribe will have a specific colored handkerchief and or Armband:
-House of Adrian/Purple
-House of /Orange
-C.M.D.D.(Civilian Militia Defence Div.)./Blue

Each Clan will have specific roles and dress:
Only and we repeat only the CMDD can carry rifles and wear tactical gear. Both of the clans are authorized to carry pistols and shotguns only! limited on tac gear

House of Adrian-(any means necessary to make money) Dress to these roles below
rifles and tac gear not approved
This Clan is made up of business swindlers,thieves, Drug lords, gangs, criminals, bar and casino owners. Armband color Purple

House of Eligius -dress to these roles
rifles and tac gear not approved
This Clan is made up of local populous, made up of farmers, local shop owners, doctors, cooks, traders or merchants,press or news, normal civilian life. Armband color Orange

C.M.D.D. (Civilian Militia Defence Div.)

Rifles and Pistols Approved
This Clan is the Police/Insurgency they fight for the people(CMD) when they are attacked by the other 2 factions. They are not a MERC style fighting force. They will protect the people as well as collect taxes from other local CMD leaders and villagers(when applicable ). They will patrol areas of the AO when put on a mission to do so, they also have authorization to search areas as well as eradicate any HVTs in the area when a mission is given. This group can not be bribed and or hired for jobs. If so you might be placed in prison. This group uniforms must be blue top only. Pants: black/blue pants and or jeans. Headgear must be black or blue in a solid form no sport teams ball caps. More solid colors the better.

NO Tact Gear in Camo Patterns
Only black or grey tact gear

CMD players carry 2 Tourniquets/ACE Wraps. CMD Respawn at FOB and or specific starting point.
Each Clan and or tribe will have a specific colored handkerchief and/or Armband:

-House of Adrian/ Purple
-House of Eligius/ Orange -C.M.D.D.(Civilian Militia Defence Div.)/ Blue

Each Clan will have specific roles and dress:

Only and we repeat only the CMDD can carry rifles and wear tactical gear. Both of the clans are authorized to carry pistols and shotguns only! limited on tac gear

What does a CMD member do?

– Role Play
– Can be a merchant
– Squad or soldier for hire
– Takes trade: money, food, ammo anything you desire – Control the flow goods in your local area
– Manage a town


SQLs leaders are responsible to ensure their squad follows the event rules, roles, ammo and reloading restrictions. A squad is defined as a team of 12 people.

A. Four (4) Sniper/Spotter teams allowed per main factions. One (1) per Squad Max limit. B. Six (6) EOD specialist per main factions, these are the only players that can disarm/demo explosives.

C. One (1) Medic, HWS, DMR per main faction squad. (Some special teams will be exempt from this rule)

D. Two (2) SSW per squad.

E. Players may serve dual roles i.e. DMR/HWS but the limit must be observed.

F. Game staff may assume any of these roles while embedded with a squad.

Radios (assigned)

Each faction has assigned CO to RTO(radioman) Squad Channels,and each Squad for each faction has inter-squad Assigned channels. Only squad RTOs may receive and transmit Comms to CO. Please refer to the Printable Tank’s Airsoft COMMs Matrix PDF on our website

RTO’s do not use PPT or headsets. They speak over the radio mic. This is due to faulty equipment, hot mic happens often we want to avoid this. thus the rule.

Equipment standards

Required Equipment-
all players must have full seal eye protection rated to ANSI Z87.1 High Impact goggle standards or higher , a red “Dead Rag”, water, a copy of the rule set trifold, and a watch. A blue or green light stick (led or chem) and flashlight is required for night ops
All players under the age of 15 must wear full face protection, mesh, or paintball mask.

Dead Flag-
Minimum 12X12 red cloth used to signal others that you are no longer an active target. A blue/green light stick is used for night games so as not to be confused with red lights used to provide illumination while preserving a player’s natural night vision.

No Minimum Engagement Distance.
1.48 J.

50’ Minimum Engagement Distance.
must be physically Incapable of firing in full auto.

Bolt/Single Action “Sniper” Rifles-
75’ Minimum Engagement Distance.

Squad Support Weapons-
50’ Minimum Engagement Distance.
1.87 J.
NO DMR/SSW /Sniper rifles may be used in the clearing of rooms or hallways whatsoever inside a building and or structure, may shoot outside a building from within, however the barrel MUST break the plane of the doorway or window from with the operator is shooting.

A Wrist Watch to track game time

Prohibited Rifle platforms and restrictions-
M27 IAR is prohibited as a SSW but may be used as a standard rifle in semi auto.
RPK platforms must have tri pod and drum mag.
There is to be no standard rifle with drum mag attached period
Bio Only
Magazine limit-
A maximum of two High Cap magazines, containing no more than 400 rounds each.
8 mid-caps total.

Support weapon gunners will be allowed a maximum of 2 box magazine. Max 7000 rounds on person.

Blind fire-

Players must be able to see down the sights of their weapon when firing.

Rubber knives-

When a player is touched/tapped they are silently “hit” and may not yell hit or medic. Tank’s Airsoft Events only allows approved purpose made rubber training weapons. NO homemade weapons.
No Ballistic Shields of any kind


Must be “Eye Safe” and have a maximum power output that is below 5mw For a visible laser and 0.7mw for IR.
Players are never to aim any laser system directly at the eyes of another player.

Game Operations

No Bang Bang Kills

Ghillie suits-

Players in ghillie suits should never lay near vehicle roads, trails, or in the driving path of any vehicle.


failing to follow rules or other dishonorable actions will result in expulsion from the event. There will be no bullying, rough housing, malicious foul language, or physical/mental intimidation anywhere at any time at any Tank’s Airsoft events. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from the event and AO. NO refunds will be given.


are also a MASH/resupply point and are not captured-able. To discourage spawn camping all players shot within 150’ of their FOB may instant re-spawn on their FOB with no bleed out time

Road Blocks-

Are not allowed!

do not hinder vehicles, block roads with structures or persons.


From standard airsoft guns do not count.

Ricochets from grenades and 40mm shower shells do.

In game Items-

Are the property of Tank’s Airsoft Events including but not limited to props, Intel packets, and currency.

They must be handed over when searched and (with the exception of currency.) They are to be left on the ground if you bleed out and may be picked up by another player.(unless you have been mission specific directed otherwise by staff.)


Some events use in game currency to drive the story line such as paying off the locals.

You may take home any that that you have left at the end of a game and reuse it at the next one.

Night Ops-

Clear eye protection only.
No Sniper rifles, DMR or SAWs.
A blue or green light stick (led or chem) to signal you are hit and flashlight is required.
Night Vision is allowed.

Is expected!
Please call YOUR OWN hits!
DO NOT CALL ANOTHER PLAYER’S HITS. If you suspect a player is not calling their hits, do not take matters into your own hands. Please use the chain of command by bringing this
to the attention of your Squad Leader and/or the Event Staff.
If you call another players hit you are also calling yourself out as well. you must take a knee and pull out a dead rag and follow medic procedures.

Electronic warfare-
jamming or listening in the opposition’s radio frequency is strictly prohibited (unless cleared by the

Dead men tell no tales!-
Hit players may only call for a medic and may not try to influence gameplay in any way.

You may only refill magazines at your FOB or MASH points only.

If a BB strikes you or any gear worn by you, you are “Hit”.
Strikes to any gear carried by your hands do not count (i.e. gun hits.)
Once a player is hit they are to yell “hit” 3 times and display their dead flag or light and start timing their 5 minute bleed out.
They must sit, kneel, or lie down; NO STANDING!

To move a player that has been hit, grasp their wrist and they may then stand up and put there arm over your shoulder. You then place your arm around their waist as if you are moving with person with a sprained ankle.
1 or 2 players on 1 drag player you must walk regardless.
Physically dragging their body to cover is the preferred way at our games.
Wrist carry or walking/running to cover is strictly prohibited.

Bleed out-
This is mandatory.
If you do not receive treatment from a medic or a Tourniquet before the 5 minutes is up you are now dead and are a ghost.


Ghosting is done to maintain squad cohesion (meaning no individual respawn.)
Remove your magazine from your gun, Inform your squad leader you are dead, keep dead rag visible, and stay with your squad.
You MAY NOT call out enemy threats, medic others or drag others to be a meat shield, engage enemies or objectives in any way.
As a ghost stay to the back or out of the action as much as possible.
If you start taking fire sit down and indicate you are dead.
Players may return to a combatant roll once the entire squad returns to a MASH or FOB.

Verbal Commands

Goggles on-
Repeat goggles on loudly when you hear it and put on your goggles.
You are not allowed to remove your goggles till the goggles off call.

End of Exercise, every one repeat so it travels across the field, remove your magazine, fire 3 shots in the ground to clear your gun, put on your dead flag and head to staging or FOB.

Blind man-
Someone has lost their goggles.
Everyone repeat, players need to immediately remove the magazine from their weapon, set the weapon on safe, and set their weapon either on the-ground or keep it pointed at the ground Stay in your location and do not move until the “ALL CLEAR” and “GAME ON” is given.

Real World-
a player is injured and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention.
Everyone repeat, players with a radio should contact command to relay the message and players should point in the direction of the injury to direct staff to it.

Goggles off-
Repeat and you may now remove your goggles


Foam Rockets/Launchers-
Have a lethal kill radius of 20 feet from initial impact. They may not be fired into, or inside of a structure. One hit is mobility kill on a Vehicle.
40J limit.
Only Engineers my use a standalone launcher, Riflemen may use a mounted under barrel launcher.

BB Grenades-
call “FRAG OUT” to notify participants of an incoming grenade.
Players may use any commercially produced airsoft grenade (Escort, AI, etc…)
No modified or homemade grenades are allowed.
Ricochets from grenades and 40mm beehives are treated as fragmentation and will count as a hit.

Thunder B’s-
Are NOISE distraction only.
no use Inside any tunnels or vehicles.

Suicide Devices-
Are an in game item and must be triggered prior to being shot or captured.

NO explosives, open flame or hot burning smoke are allowed.
Sport smoke and Enola Gaye may be approved on a per game.
Smoke in buildings and/or Tunnels are strictly prohibited. The use of blank firing devices is restricted to staff only. Pyro Grenades-(per event basis.)
TSLFX PEA Grenades/thermobaric and Tagging Rb2 bb grenades approved.
Aerial Taginn grenades (40mm) are prohibited (but on a per event basis.)

Anti-Tank Grenades-
Milsimlabs RKG3 is approved for anti-vehicle use.
It is treated the same as a foam rocket, but has no blast radius effect on players who are not in contact with the vehicle. May be used by all classes of players.


Any Vehicle to be used in our game, must be registered and approved through game staff. a hole punch will be required on your Player punch card!
Drivers window is up at all times for safety.
All Player Vehicle are considered “Light Armor” regardless of aesthetic modifications.

As such all position of the windows are allowed (up ,down, cracked etc) and or small gun ports are legal.
Welcome to Milsim, its armor, use a rocket!
Vehicles are limited to 15 MPH.

Vehicles drivers must be at least 21 years of age.
Players are not allowed to exit or enter ANY moving Vehicle.
Vehicles can not block roads or entry ways, must be open to emergency vehicles must park off to the side of the road.
Players are never to stand, lay prone, or supine next to a moving vehicles
All Vehicles must carry a dead rag(2’x’3 or bigger) cloth or flag and a green or yellow flag(2’x3’ or bigger) distinguishing what team they are on.
All vehicles Must carry a White Red Cross Flag to signal they are getting fixed by an engineer.

Vehicle Kills-
A hit anywhere with an approved marking foam rocket or anti-tank grenade is a mobility kill and takes out any mounted weapon systems. Passengers that are not behind hard cover are vulnerable to the rocket’s blast radius, those alive may exit from vehicle.
The Vehicle serves a 5min “burn out” time before it is destroyed and kills all inside.

A 2nd hit destroys the Vehicle and kills all players inside the vehicle and within 10’ of the vehicle and its players may go directly to the FOB.

Vehicle and Engineer respawn-
When a vehicle is disabled a engineer class my repair it with a Engineer Wrench (available on our website for purchase as well on
Engineer will announce to driver he/she is repairing the vehicle (simulate repair with wrench), Engineer will tie off their “Red Cross” flag to the vehicle or hood, to signal that they are getting repaired. Repair procedure takes 5 mins. You Must hold position till repaired.
Vehicle Re-spawn-(Destroyed Vehicles)
Must turn on their Hazard lights and display a red dead flag and serve a 10 minute time penalty at their FOB before returning to combat operations.
NO Medic heals inside a vehicle.

Players inside and out vehicles-
Players may use vehicles as cover while parked(not in front of the vehicle)
When the vehicle is moving, players may use the rear and only the rear of the vehicle as cover. Never to run along the side.
Player may not use a side rail to be transported or hang from.
IEDs have a 30’ kill radius on players AND vehicles.

MEDIC Procedures and MASH (respawns)

TANK’S Licensed white Tourniquet (available online at or locally at Fox airsoft.) 1 Tourniquet may be carried per player, another player may use your tourniquet or theirs to heal you and get you back in the fight, may be used on a medic. CMD players carry 2 Tourniquets. CMD Respawn at FOB.

MEDIC Procedures:

1. Place hemostats on arm (clamps).
1a. Medic Must pull out ace bandage from your teammates marked ifak or medical pouch

2. Wrap arm with bandage (wrap and tuck under wrap. No knot tying!) 3. Inject medication (with provided empty syringe)

4. Remove hemostat 4a. Medic pulls dead rag and gives it back to player

5. Leave bandage on until resupplied/retasked at medical resupply point or by your CO. No individual respawns are permitted.

Medic heals and Tourniquets are prohibited inside any vehicle! You must exit the Vehicle to be healed.

Medic heals and Tourniquets inside buildings-
Drag rules still apply, players must present dead rag or Tourniquet to opposing player. Then proceed to medic rules procedures.

To search a “hit” player place you hand on their shoulder and state “I search you” they must hand over any in game items they have, but only 1⁄2 their currency. You may not search Ghosts.

Mash sites-
individual re-spawns are NOT permitted. When a unit becomes combat ineffective they are to go to a MASH flag (red cross) point as a unit that is under there factions control. Individual players are not permitted spawn without their squad. Once a squad has reached the MASH unit they may take off.
Any used bandages, and Tourniquets and place the bandages back in their IFAC for reuse. MASH units are captured-able (depending on the event.)
There are green and tan flags attached to the MASH units. To capture, remove the opposing flag and hoist yours.
Players shot within 25 yards of a Mash are NOT ALLOWED to spawn back at that point, that means their whole squad can’t either. They all must re-spawn at their FOB or Alternate MASH.

Contesting a MASH-
There is no contesting a MASH. Whatever color flag is flying owns the point, if you want it, shoot them and raise your flag.


Large UAV: Photo and video for promotional only…period! (Please contact event organizer for any questions.)

Approved Drones:

Squad Level Reconnaissance Drone Rules

For the 2017 season –“Tiny whoops” only

Base build is a Blade Inductrix ducted fan micro quadcopter with 64mm diagonally between rotor centers and its clones JJRC H36/Eachine E010/Nihui NH010 etc with an added video camera and transmitter to allow for real time viewing are approved for players with a “Intelligence Specialist” MOS.

As this is cutting edge Milsim with no precedent, we are erring on the side of “not breaking the game”

This drone was chosen to:

-Limit costs, as low as $20 for a JJRC h36 drone and $25 for the camera
-Limit range and time over target so it does not become an overwhelming advantage, or aggravation to the other side while still making it a valuable asset in many(but not all) AOs.
-However, with those in mind, The primary reason for this choice was player safety as even a full speed crash into a player is unlikely to cause an injury. This allows the drone to be used to peek around corners and into windows and even fly inside buildings, connex boxes, and other tight spaces.

Depending on player feedback, we expect to see higher capability drones in the 2018 season as the program (and Tech) evolves.

Do not shoot down, knock down, or otherwise damage, disable, capture, or interfere in any way with the operation of a drone! We will be looking into anti drone tech for the 2018 season.

Video scanning, the Intelligence Specialist may scan for and view video feeds from opponents drones but may not interfere operation of the drone.

If an Intelligence Specialist is “hit” while flying a drone they are allowed to fly the drone back, they are to yell “hit” followed by “recovering drone” so players understand what is happening.

In the case of a drone coming down, there is no free recovery.

The team who lost it may fight to recover it and be able to relaunch it

So that the Intelligence Specialist may recover the drone while they still have the crash site in their line of site, they may pull their dead flag, forgo a bleed out time and be instantly dead to recover it, they then follow standard ghosting procedure like any other KIA.

A dead (bled out) player may recover a drone, but it may not be relaunched till after returning to a MASH/resupply point.

Like other player owned items that by their use end up beyond the owners reach (rockets, grenades, etc) It is considered very honorable for a dead opponent (ghost) to return a crashed drone if they know it’s location.

Cameras and other accessories may be added later.