Pistols must be within the same requirements as the Rifleman Role regarding FPS and Minimum Engagement Distance. The limits above IN NO WAY indicate what your guns should be shooting at! It is NOT a goal to reach! It is a LIMIT. It is recommended that your guns shoot below these figures. Also, remember, the stronger the spring, the more expensive upgrade parts you will need, and the sooner your gun will break.


Melee weapons are restricted to training weapons ONLY. Actual knives, bayonets, spears, swords, or any other such weapon is NEVER permitted. TRAINING Melee weapons may be worn as decoration, but must remain in the holster, sheath or scabbard.We may have some games that require a quiet kill and that will be addressed for each game.


A squad support weapon is classified as an M249, M60, MG36, RPK, PKM, MG42, Krytac LMG/Shrike or any “Squad Automatic Weapon” either currently or formerly adopted as a military weapon. (M27 / IAR are NOT ALLOWED to be fielded as a SSW at this time.)

  • Squad Support Weapons (SSW) MAY operate in FULL -AUTO Mode but NOT shoot in excess of 30 round per second. 450 fps max @ 6mm x .20g for AEG/GBBR
  • 355 FPS max(1.88 J) w/ .32g for 6mm High Pressure Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars).
  • Limit TWO (2) SSW per squad
  • Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment. Operators of a SSW are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances.SSWs must break the plane of a building on lower floors when shooting out of a building. You do not have to break the plane when shooting from upper floors. SSWs may use winding “High Cap” type magazines with no more than 3000 rounds in magazines.
  • SSWs have a Minimum Engagement Distance of 60 feet.
  • SSW’s may not be used in engagements from inside to inside(within a building)


Designated Marksman Rifle is a special purpose weapon; it is a standard infantry rifle equipped with optics that have been enhanced for longer range and accuracy. Some examples of a DMR are – M16, SR-25, PSG-1, M14/M21, G36, AUG, G3-SG3, Dragunov (SVD) etc… Bolt action rifles may also function as a DMR as long as they adhere to the Max FPS.


A Heavy Weapon Specialist (HWS) is any Grenadier or Rocket (Simulated) carrying player.

  • They may carry M-203 GL, M-320 GL, M-79 GL, GP-25 GL, M-136 AT4, M-72 LAW, RPG-7, Mortar or Arty Piece.
  • May carry 18 Nerf/Foam Rockets on their person.
  • May carry 18 Propellant/Bee Hive rounds on their person.
  • HWS are the only player class who can carry Grenade Rounds and Rockets.
  • Limit one per squad.
  • Bee Hive rounds may only be re-loaded at Spawn Point.
  • Additional Rounds/Rockets may be left at FOB.
  • Any soft tipped rockets are allowed.
  • Please see Explosive Devices/IED/Smoke section for approved pyro grenades.


Gas and Electric Submachine guns such as the MP7, KRISS, KMP9 etc fall under the same restrictions as the Rifleman Role.