• You must have a current waiver on file for the calendar year. This includes Observers and Photographers.
    • No magazines inside of your Airsoft Gun while in the Parking Lot, Shop, or Staging Area unless it is holstered in a downward facing position at or below waist level.
    • No air lines connected to HPA powered airsoft guns while in the parking lot, shop, or staging area unless it is holstered in a downward facing position.
    • No dry firing in the Parking Lot, Shop, or Staging Area. If you need to test fire your Airsoft Gun then go to the Shooting Range.
    • All eye protection must meet ANSI 787.1 standards and create a full seal around your eyes. Tank Crew may ask to inspect your eyewear at any time.
      • Players under the age of 18 must have hard lower face protection in addition to proper eye protection.
    • All BBs must be BIO and at least .20 grams in weight.
    • All Airsoft Guns must be chronographed and zip tied by Tank Crew before every day of play.
    • No Full Auto unless you have been classified as an SMG or LMG by Tank Crew.
    • Minimum Engagement Distances (MEDs) must be respected at all times. Absolutely no shooting at other players within your class’s MED.
    • All hits to the player’s body count as an elimination.
      • Gun hits DON’T count!
      • Ricochets DON’T count!
      • Friendly fire DOES count!
    • Shrugging hits may result in your immediate removal from the property. WHEN IN DOUBT, CALL YOURSELF OUT!
    • Frag grenade kill radius is 15ft. Please clear anything not bought from Tank’s Airsoft with Tank Crew before using. Please notify a referee and yell “FRAG OUT” prior to throwing frag grenades. This ensures both referees and players are aware a frag grenade is incoming and can respond accordingly.
    • Once eliminated, loudly yell “HIT!” and raise your hand/dead rag/light. Take a knee until a tourniquet is applied OR until you have walked back to a safe zone.
    • No Blind Fire. You must be able to see what you are shooting at.
    • We do not enforce a surrender or bang-bang rule. It is suggested that you accept it when offered but you do not have to.
    • Dead Players do not talk. If you are eliminated then you should be communicating anything other than the fact that you are eliminated.
    • No verbal abuse of players or staff. Toxic behavior may result in your immediate removal from the property.
    • Do not call out other players to call their hits. This is a cheating accusation and is poor sportsmanship. If you believe a player is not calling their hits, please notify the nearest referee.
    • Any physical contact or malicious overshooting of another player may result in your immediate removal from the property and an appropriate ban. Rubber knives ARE NOT ALLOWED for open play.
  • A “Cease Fire” or “Blind Man” call signifies a medical emergency or a player in distress. When heard you should immediately stop moving, take a knee, and place your Airsoft Gun on the ground or at rest in your sling. You should also echo these calls so that others past you can hear it as well.
  • “Cease Fire” or “Blind Man” should only be called when a player loses their eye protection or in a medical emergency that will require Tank Crew to transport them from the field. Do not pretend to be hurt or call a false Cease Fire or you may be ejected from the field.

Joule and MED Limits


  • 1.0 Joules
  • No MED
  • Semi-Auto only


  • 1.50 Joules
  • 20 foot MED
  • Semi-Auto only


  • 1.87 Joules
  • 60 foot MED
  • Semi Auto only


  • 1.87 Joules
  • 80 foot MED
  • Semi Auto, Burst, or Full-Auto


  • 2.81 Joules
  • 100 foot MED
  • Bolt Action only

Event Rules

  • The Event Producer will have event specific rules in addition to these but these will never change.
  • Proper Uniforms or arm band tape MUST be worn at all times. Tape, when required, must be a full loop around one bicep and must not be obscured by any clothing or gear. Uniform guidelines will be released by the Event Producer.
  • No “Electronic Warfare”. Jamming, Listening in, etc. This includes radios, social media, and private chats.
  • All Players must have a Dead Rag (or Dead Light for Night Games).
  • Melee kills must be done by lightly tapping your opponent. No stabbing or hacking.