Note: Failure to follow the recommended safety guidelines can put yourself in danger of bodily harm. Some safety rules may vary from field to field, so please take the time to familiarize yourself with your local Airsoft safety rules before playing. Safety should always be your first concern.

Eye Protection

Proper eye protection is mandatory at ALL Tanks Airsoft event. Ballistic Shooting Goggles that do not have any cracks or holes larger than 6mm are allowed. Ballistic shooting glasses are only permitted if they wrap behind the eye. All eye protection is subject to approval. All lenses must be rated at ANSI Z87.1-2003 (also known as Z87.1+). Regular shop goggles, shooting glasses that do not wrap behind the eye, or regular sunglasses are not adequate enough for protection and are not allowed! Mesh eye protection is NOT permitted.

Under 18

All players under the age of 18 are required to wear full face and sealed eye protection.

General Safety

Firing on observers, eliminated players, or any other non-participating individuals or group of individuals is prohibited. Such action shall be grounds for immediate ejection from the field of play, and constitute termination of that player’s activity for that day’s schedule. All weapons should have a Barrel Blocker or the magazine removed as an extra precaution when the weapon isn’t in use. Fireworks, pyrotechnics and similar devices are only allowed to produce safe effects, such as smoke, light and sound, and they will have to pass inspection before each game.

Check your weapons and gear for proper functionality before starting play. A player is personally responsible for his/her equipment, whether owned, borrowed, or rented. If you break or ruin something, you will be held responsible for any damages. Accidents do happen. Be careful and play responsibly.

No blind-firing. If player cannot see where the muzzle is pointed, such as sticking a replica around a corner of a building or up over a bunker without looking, that is blind-firing. The player must be able to see the muzzle and the intended target area.

Uniform Requirements

We have taken the first step in uniform requirements. This season we will be running 2 sides all season. Tan(Desert) and Green. Essentially how this will work is your kit, clothing, camo pattern, or attire must be predominantly Green or Tan. Now knowing not everyone has the money to spend on said clothing, what TANKS Airsoft has done is design a T-Shirt that will be available in Green or Tan and a limited Black run. They will be affordable and for sale at Tanks Paintball. You can simply pick one of these up and there you go. Instant Uniform. As a result…We will NOT be requiring armband tape (ABT) in 2017-2018.

Arm Band Tape (ABT)

Armbands (ABT) is only required for use by COs and MOS (ROLE PLAYING) Players. These players must wear ABT on BOTH ARMS and above the elbow. PLEASE RETURN THE ARMBANDS AFTER THE EVENT.

Bases & C.O.s

Each side will have a base. The base is the only place the CO or their XO may receive their missions. It is critical that someone be designated “in charge” at all times at the base. At regular intervals base refereed will “drop” a mission packet to whoever is designated “in charge” If no one is in charge the referee will begin a 5 minute window. If no one receives the mission packet within the 5 minute window the missions will be SCRUBBED and no points awarded. Bottom line…CONTINUITY OF COMMAND.

Physical Contact

At no time is physical contact of ANY kind allowed between players. The only exceptions to this rule would be:

  • A medic “healing” a player.
  • A player aiding a player over an obstacle or off the ground.
  • A player helping an injured player.


Each team will have several (number to be decided on at the event) of designated squad medics. These medics will be designated with white armband tape, provided by the OIC, before the event starts. Medics may NOT trade roles to other players. Once you are a medic you are a medic for the entire game.

IFAK pouch

Each player must carry an IFAK pouch on their person. The IFAK must contain 1 bandage large enough to go around an arm or leg. (HINT: ACE BANDAGES work well) When you, the player, is hit…you are to lay on the ground, if it is safe, to get out of the line of fire and signal for a medic. The medic must COME TO THE PLAYER. Injured players may not move on their own. Other players may drag the injured player to safety or to a medic. The medic must then locate the players IFAK, remove the bandage and tie the bandage around the player. Once bandaged, the player may return to play. If a bandaged player is hit, they are eliminated and must raise their deadrag and return to their hospital. Players may remove their bandage ONLY AFTER tagging up with their base or hospital. If a bandaged player’s bandage falls off, they are eliminated. MEDICS may use their personal IFAK or another players IFAK to bandage other players.

Now here’s why this will work….The IFAK and bandage MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE PLAYER. NO IFAK….NO MEDIC Bandages will be for sale at the event. BUT….May not be available by the January event. PLAN AHEAD!!!!

Eliminated players are prohibited from giving hints, clues or instructions to any active player. DEAD PLAYERS DONT TALK!

Hospitals & Insertions

Adjacent to each base will be a hospital. The hospital is the only MASK OFF area of the field. NO WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE HOSPITAL EVER! And on the same note, there will no firing from or into the hospital. They simply serve as a cool zone and place for players to reload mags or relax on-field. When a player is eliminated, they must physically touch the hospital and then return to their perspective base. They must then physically touch the base to be considered “live” Any time a player leaves the field of play they MUST visit THEIR OWN TEAMS hospital PRIOR to entering the game.

Hot Insertions

In the event that the enemy has taken possession of the base, the CO or XO may ask the base referee for a “hot insertion”. During a hot insertion, players DO NOT need to return to their hospital after an elimination. They simply need to touch the base and they are immediately back in play. Once the opposing force has been repelled, the base referee will declare the hot insertion over, and normal insertion rules will again apply.