Open Airsoft play on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Big Man Adventures/TANKS Airsoft offers walkup Open play on the first and 3rd Sunday of the month. This allows for larger groups and more interesting play for you! However, PRIVATE airsoft sessions are available for groups of 10 players or more with regular entry fee and you can play as long as you like. Birthday airsoft birthday parties are available on Friday-Saturday-Sundays. Rentals are also ready for your use.

Follow our our Airsoft Facebook Group or call for dates.

Field Access Only

$25Field Access Only
  • Individual play for those with their own gear.
  • Field Access and play
  • Does not include BBs

Entry Plus Gear

$40Field Access and Rental Package
  • Individual play for those need the necessary equipment.
  • Field Access and play
  • Rental Package: M4 Rifle, 1 mag, & Goggles
  • Includes Two Mag Re-fills
  • Additional mag refills $1.25

Party Package for 10

$375Field Access and Rental Party Package
  • For large groups, corporate outings or birthday parties.
  • Field Access and play for 10 people
  • Rental Package: M4 Rifle, 1 mag, & Goggles
  • Includes Three filled mags, Additional mag refills $1.25
  • 2-Hour Play Time and 1/2 hour after for food and gifts
  • Additional players can be added to the group for $35 a player

We also stock all player essentials; BB’S, goggle and sealed eyewear, face protection, batteries and chargers, smoke grenades, and BB grenades.

Download the and digital invite and send it to our guests!

Airsoft Information

Weapons, game types and important safety information.

Airsoft Safety

Note: Failure to follow the recommended safety guidelines can put yourself in danger of bodily harm. Some safety rules may vary from field to field, so please take

Airsoft Weapons

PISTOLS Pistols must be within the same requirements as the Rifleman Role regarding FPS and Minimum Engagement Distance. The limits above IN NO WAY indicate what your guns

Airsoft Rules

Pregame Operations Waiver- Required for all events. Please print it out from the web site and arrive with it filled out. Minors are required to have a parent/guardian

Airsoft VIP Program

The perfect plans for the frequent player.

Rental Gear 90 DAY PASS – $120
Unlimited entries (and rental gear package for you) for 90 days and bring a friend for $20 per visit. BB’s are extra. Discounts on BB’s as well.

Rental Gear Annual Pass – $400
Unlimited entries for a year and bring a friend for $20 per visit. BB’s extra. Discounts on BB’s as well and a free birthday party.
Yearly Pass does not include special events, big games, or scenarios. CO2 is not included. (One friend per visit and Birthday party does not include BB’s).

Personal Gear 6 Month Pass – $150
Half season pass includes six months (from the date of purchase) of entry to airsoft play for one person. All day air is included for the pass holder and a discounted pricing on BB’s. 6 Month Pass does not include special events, big games, or scenarios. CO2 is not included.

Local Airsoft Facebook Group

Want to learn more about the local Airsoft community? Check out the Tanks Airsoft Facebook Group!

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