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Individual Walk-on Play

Going solo and still wanna play? Walk-on players always welcome.

$40 per player
Includes: All day entry & air fills, Rental Marker, Goggles, and 200 paintballs.

$25 entry and air for players who have all of their own equipment.

Registration Special
At registration, purchase an additional 500 rounds for only $25 to save $5 off regular price.

Pre-register and save!

If you’re playing paintball this weekend, pre-register to lock your walk-on spot and save $5 on entry.

Pre-Register and Save
small paintball party for up to 6 players

One Hour Private Paintball Party
Have big fun with your closest friends!

$250.00 for 6 players

Includes: One hour entry & air fills
Rental Marker, Goggles, and 150 paintballs per player (add more players for $25 each).

Please set aside two hours for your party. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your party for check in, gear fitting, rules briefing-then your party will have one hours play time and then 30 minutes after for your food, gifts, and cake.

$100 deposit required.

Download the waiver.

Download the digital invite and send it to our guests!

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Two Hour Private Paintball Party
Make your next birthday party something special!

$400.00 for 10 players

Includes: Two hour entry & air fills
Rental Marker, Goggles, and 300 paintballs per player (add more players for $35 each).

Please set aside 3 hours for your party. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your party for check in, gear fitting, rules briefing-then your party will have 2 hours play time and then 30 minutes after for food, gifts, cake.

$100 deposit required.

Download the waiver.

Download the digital invite and send it to our guests!

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Large Groups & Corporate Events
We can help plan special events that are a step above the ordinary.

$49 per player
Have a large group of friends who want to play paintball? Your company planning a special outing for your employees and clients? Paintball is a great way to bring people together and is a great team building exercise.
Must have 20 or more players to for this outing.

Includes: All day entry & air fills
Rental Marker, Goggles, and 500 paintballs per player
3 hours of private play (additional hour may be added for $50.00)
$100 deposit required.

Contact us about organizing a Large Group.

Additional Paintballs for all packages

100 Painballs


500 paintballs


1000 paintballs


NOTICE: No outside paintballs allowed at Tank’s Paintball Park Effective September 1, 2010. Tank’s Paintball Park is a field paint ONLY facility. Absolutely no exceptions. Photo ID required for equipment rentals.


Low impact paintball is great for kids!

TANKS Paintball has always been the leader in Houston Paintball. Three years ago TANKS started Low Impact Paintball for our younger guest and it quickly spread to all ages. Two Years ago TANKS made the change to Low Impact Paintball for all our guest. This allows for a more enjoyable experience for all ages as Low Impact Paintball eliminates the bruises and welts that have been associated with full size paintball. Low Impact Paintball uses a smaller paintball with lighter equipment as well as a slower speed. This means more fun for all ages and less pain associated with full size paintball hits. Come out and try Low Impact Paintball today!

Paintball VIP Program

The perfect plans for the frequent player.

Rental Gear 90 DAY PASS – $150
Unlimited entries (and rental gear package for you) for 90 days and bring a friend for $10 per visit. Discounts on paint as well.

Rental Gear Annual Pass – $500
Unlimited entries for a year and bring a friend for $10 per visit. While paint is not included, you will receive discounts on paint as well and a free birthday party. CO2 is not included.

One friend per visit and Birthday party does not include paintballs.

Personal Gear Six Month Pass – $200
Half season pass includes six months (from the date of purchase) of entry to regular paintball play for one person. All day air is included for the pass holder and a discounted pricing on paintballs. Season Pass does not include special events, big games, or scenarios. CO2 is not included.

Paintball FAQs

All the thrills of “Hide and Seek,” “Cops and Robbers,” and “Capture The Flag.” Conjure up all the fun, excitement and feelings of sheer joy that you had when you were a kid playing these games. Then try to imagine all of these games rolled up into one and you’ve got paintball — capture the flag in the woods. But just like a kid, you’ll have to bring your wits, your strategy — and above all your sense of humor! Now you’re ready to have a day filled with action and adventure. You and your team, equipped with full mask and semi-automatic paint markers, attempt to cross a wooded field in order to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your flag station. Then BAM! With a well-placed splat of paint, you can mark your opponents out of the game. Don’t worry! Our specially-designed paint is as safe for you as it is for Mother Nature. You’ll get plenty of chances to play all day long. In a full day you’ll usually play at least eight games, possibly more. You’ll be exhausted but exhilarated by the day’s end and you’ll have plenty of stories to tell your friends at home.

Anyone 7-80 years old. If you are under 18, you’ll need to fill-out our online Release of Liability Form  You are welcome to come alone or with a group. Relax and enjoy your day WiFI on site for our guest use. You will be given safety instruction on equipment and safety rules prior to game play.

Paintball is great for family outings, birthday parties, corporate groups, fundraisers, bachelor parties, church outings, and just for getting out to meet new people. We offer public play as well as private outings.

Like any other activity or sport, there is always the potential for injury. However, standard safety rules and the proper use of industry developed and approved safety equipment have made paintball one of the safest participatory sports. In fact, insurance company statistics have shown that more people are hurt bowling and fishing than playing paintball.

When on the field players must ALWAYS wear protective goggles, which are part of a special mask which protects the eyes and face. When not on the field barrel socks cover the barrel on the paintball gun to prevent paintballs from leaving the barrel. Safety is highly stressed at our fields with orientations given at the beginning of each session and referees/staff members on hand oversee the players. Finally, commercial paintball fields limit the velocity of a fired paintball to less than 280 feet per second. Fields which do not enforce safety requirements should be avoided.

It is a bit of a sting. TANKS has staff on the field to keep up close shots to a minimum.

We recommend dark clothing or camouflage, high-top sneakers or boots and an extra change of clothes. TANKS supplies all of the equipment you need to play. You may bring all your own food and drink but we do have concessions on site and many locations near us deliver.

Yes you may bring your own paintball gun, we’re sorry no full auto or burst modes allowed. You can also bring your own paintball goggles. You must have goggles that are manufactured specifically for paintball and they must have a full face mask and ear protection. The paintballs have to be purchased from TANKS.

Tank’s Paintball Park has worked hard to earn the reputation of being the most challenging and comfortable paintball facility in Houston. Our fields and staging areas have been designed with your playing experience and safety in mind.

Tank’s Paintball Park requires all players to use approved “BARREL BLOCKING COVER”. Barrel bags/covers must be used at all times while players are not on the playing fields or chronograph areas. The use of “BARREL PLUGS” no longer constitute adequate protection. ALL PLAYERS must use Barrel bags/covers.


Deposits are refundable up to 72 hours before your scheduled event time. If you cancel your event within 72 hours of the scheduled event time, deposits are NOT refundable. You must reschedule your event to use your deposit.